Use FCU Anywhere 手机银行 to Turn your devices into expert money managers.

Get account access at your fingertips with the 线上澳博 app, FCU Anywhere.  Save time with this quick 和 secure way to access your money. For an even faster login experience, enable 触摸ID or Snapshot on compatible Apple devices.


 在App Store上下载 把它放在谷歌上玩

使用手机银行访问您的账户, you’ll need your online home banking username 和 password. 如果你不能使用网上银行, you can register by using the "Sign up now" link on the FCU 移动 App.

You can also access your accounts through FCU’s 移动 App by downloading it through the Apple Store or Google Play Store at the links above. 如果你没有苹果或安卓设备, visit your device’s application store to locate FCU’s 移动 App. Sign In using your username 和 password in the app to access your accounts.

使用FCU的移动应用,更快的登录体验, 你可以设置Face ID, 触摸ID, 和 Snapshot to sign in using compatible Apple devices. 触摸ID 和 Snapshot are available on compatible Android devices. 



  • All iOS devices with the last 2 major operating system versions
  • All Android devices with an operating system version 5.0以上

With 线上澳博's 手机应用程序, you can do almost anything you can do at an FCU branch.

  • 查看您的余额 免费支票帐户 和 储蓄账户.
  • 查看您的帐户交易历史.
  • Transfer funds between FCU accounts (make payments to an FCU loan).
  • 搜索 for a local 线上澳博 branch or ATM location.
  • 支付账单 和存款支票的时间也很短.

Manage your accounts with the Financial Wellness widget, part of FCU Anywhere 手机银行. 这个小部件提供了用于节省和预算的工具. 请注意, the new Financial Wellness widget is replacing the former Budget 和 储蓄 Goal widgets.

View a short demonstration of the Financial Wellness widget below*:

*Demonstration displays Desktop version of FCU Anywhere. 移动应用程序可能会出现细微的差异.



查看线上澳博的 预算快速入门指南(手机银行) 有关详细信息,.



帮助您轻松查看和分析您的帐户, each transaction in the Financial Wellness Widget contains a transaction description 和 is also assigned a category. The transaction description provides details about the individual transaction, while the category defines the type of transaction which has occured.  

These labels are designed to help keep your money organized. To learn more about Transaction Descriptions 和 Categories:

*视频显示桌面版本的FCU Anywhere. 移动应用程序可能会出现细微的差异.




Select 储蓄目标 在“财务健康小部件”的右上方菜单中. 然后,选择 制定一个储蓄目标 button. Simply title your goal, enter the amount of your goal 和 set a target date for completion. 

To meet your goal, fund your savings account at the monthly average calculated by the widget. Then, watch your progress circle fill up 和 your goal percentage increase over time!

View a short demonstration of the Financial Wellness widget below*:

*视频显示桌面版本的FCU Anywhere. 移动应用程序可能会出现细微的差异.

Use your 线上澳博 credit 和 debit cards right from your devices!  These mobile options are safe, easy to use, 和 convenient. For a quick tutorial on how to add your FCU card to mobile wallet, watch our tutorial on this page.


  • Download the 谷歌支付 app for your smartphone or device.  In order to use 谷歌支付, you must have a Google or Gmail account.
  • Log in using your email address; if your phone number is connected to your account, 您也可以使用这个登录.
  • Add your debit 和/or credit card number 和 the CVV 安全 code on the back of your card.
  • 另外, you can also just take a picture of your card using your phone’s camera, 您的信息将自动传送.

了解更多关于谷歌支付 (Android Pay 和 Google Wallet are now part of 谷歌支付), 


For iPads 和 iPhones 6 or newer, you have the option of using 苹果支付.

  • 开放 the settings app on your phone 和 scroll to the “Wallet 和 苹果支付” tab.
  • If your card is already on file, all you’ll need to do is add your CVV number 和 you’re all set.
  • If you don’t have your card stored for app store purchases,  you can do so by navigating to “Settings” 和 selecting “Apple ID.”
  • 向下滚动并选择“支付” & 运输”
  • 输入你的信用卡/借记卡号码.
  • You can also enter your card by selecting the Wallet app 和 pressing the + icon in the top right h和 corner.
  • Once your card 和 安全 code have been entered, your phone is all set to be used for payment!



  • 从谷歌Play下载三星支付应用程序
  • 打开三星支付应用程序
  • 在三星支付应用程序中设置您的信用卡.
  • Tap pay 和 designate/enter in the required 安全 information. Hold up the back of the phone to the contactless reader to complete your purchase.



You can now deposit most checks to FCU checking or 储蓄账户 using your smartphone or tablet. It's as simple as snapping photos of the front 和 back of the check. 在线上澳博的网站上得到你所有的问题的回答 移动支票存款页面.



Deposit checks with our app 和 a couple of quick snaps.


Pay your bills quickly 和 efficiently using our 在线支付账单.